Stay Aspen Snowmass: Drupal Website and Web Services Integration

"From a technology perspective, I feel we have accomplished far more in the past six weeks by outsourcing some of our needs to Lucks Digital than we had the entire past six months through our in-house efforts."

Bill Tomcich
Stay Aspen Snowmass Central Reservations

Garfield County: Database Upgrade and ArcGIS integration

"Rob said he is very glad that we chose you as the consultant and that he was very impressed with your dedication to figuring out the GIS side of the project and that it was a pleasure to work with you. I also am very pleased with how easy it was to work with you and how easily you understood what our needs were to revise the database. Thanks again for all of your hard work! "

Wendy Swan
Oil & Gas Administrative Assistant
Garfield County

Robert P. Hykys, GISP
GIS Analyst Lead
Garfield County IT Department


Woodrun V Townhomes: Reservations System and Support Contract

"Tracey's extensive knowledge of Access programming and other computer information technology has benefitted our owners, employees, and customers over the years.

It is remarkable that someone this technically savvy has outstanding communications skills. Tracey listens to what the customer wants to accomplish. She knows the program's capabilities and also its limitations. Tracey clearly explains what can be accomplished with the budget given to her. She is well connected with resources in the local community and beyond - not only in computers but in the industries she chooses to specialize in. Tracey stays current with the fast-paced world of information technology.

With many clients, it is important to keep each one advised of scheduling changes. When a client has an "emergency" requiring attention, Tracey is there. She re-prioritizes the day and consults with other clients as changes are necessary.

There is a sense of collaboration. One of Tracey's strengths is helping us come up with ways we can improve systems and how we do our work. Tracey develops "help" manuals to guide a user through the steps of a procedure. This enables the user to avoid frustration (and additional expense). When we are "stuck", Tracey is available and can often solve a problem remotely.

I highly recommend Tracey as a competent, reliable, and expert consultant in her fields."

Lisa Wilkinson
Woodrun V Community Association

Adventures in the Wild: Drupal Website

"All of us here at Adventures In The Wild have been working with Ned Lucks from Lucks Digital, Inc for several years now and we cannot say enough about Ned and his company.

Lucks Digital took our AITW web site to a much higher level than we ever thought possible. Our site is very user friendly and we get great comments from our worldwide clientele often.

We are very impressed also, by Lucks Digital’s concern for people in general and for their annual contributions made to a good cause.

Ned and his company have always been there for us, in a timely fashion, whenever we have needed support.

We were very lucky when a friend of ours referred us to Ned Lucks and his wonderful company.

Keep up the great work Ned!"

The "AITW Team"
Dave, Beth & John Mason, Angela Bush & Justin Johnson

Aspen Earthmoving: Access Database

"I have had the pleasure of working with Tracey Lucks for the past three years in developing and executing a system to track business opportunities. She has brought to us not only an expertise of MS access that is second to none, but also a remarkable ability to listen and to translate our ideas into a very user friendly and easy to maintain format.

Tracy is meticulous in detail and has an understanding of her client’s needs that make time spent with her not only extremely productive, but enjoyable. Her independence to work to solve our problems has been an extraordinary help because with even only the minimum of direction she can work through a problem to solution by critically thinking and by having an integral roll in our project.

It is her professionalism and personality that has made our project a success. Tracey Lucks is a partner in our project, not just a participant. That makes all the difference to me when hiring an expert and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone that asks."

Michael Davies
Business Development Manager
Aspen Earthmoving